In the plane, the dressing room and bus: Potap openly talked about sex with Nastya Kamenskih

Recently on the Youtube channel Masha Efrosinina there is a new interview — this time a TV presenter talked to the captain. During the conversation, actor and producer spoke candidly about his first marriage with Irina Gorovoy, son and… intimate life with Nastya Kamenskih. So, the question about which place had the charm sex, Alex Potapenko admitted that he and his wife were doing it in the plane, the bus, the dressing room and not only.

“Sometimes, we were told: “Guys, stop, please, the whole bus can hear you zadolbali”. But it is my feeling, I can’t stop. There were even some record numbers when we haven’t left the room all day,” admitted the captain.

Here’s the details!

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