In the Pacific ocean is a desert with the cleanest sea water in the world

For those who are tired to see how humanity is polluting the World’s oceans, for mental calm is to make a journey to the South Pacific gyre. This space is an area of 37 million square km, which is in the midst of a “point Nemo” is the oceanic pole of inaccessibility. Here shed used satellites, partly because it is not afraid to hurt anyone – this place is an uninhabited desert.

Powerful currents that form a gyre, involve him floating debris that remains on the borders of the region. To any sushi too far, so there are no people or marine life, because there is no food for them. High levels of ultraviolet radiation literally burns the water at the surface, so plankton here either.

During the expedition of German research vessel FS Sonne, which took place through a cycle from December 2015 to January 2016 from Chile to New Zealand, scientists found in this water 20 types of bacteria. They lowered the trap depth of 20 to 5000 m and seen everywhere, in fact, the void. And therefore came to the conclusion that these waters can be considered the cleanest in the world because of their extreme physical and chemical conditions.

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