In the Kirov region will experience the effectiveness of poliomyelitis vaccine against coronavirus

In the Kirov region it is planned to conduct studies on the use of live oral polio vaccine in the prevention of disease in groups at high risk for coronavirus. This was discussed at the meeting of the Council obladatelnica immunobiological and biotechnological scientific-educational centre of world level “biopolis”, the press service of the region.

“It is expected that the production of nonspecific immunity, the vaccine the polio Camp will reduce the incidence of that will be the reason for the introduction of additional testimony in the user manual of this vaccine,” – said the Governor of the Kirov region, Igor Vasiliev.

We are talking about domestic vaccine production the Federal research centre for research and development of immunological products to them. M. P. Chumakov. According to General Director of the research center Aydar Ishmukhametova, the idea that live vaccines allow to influence in a positive way on nonspecific immunity of the person, is not new.

“In accordance with the law, we have the right to conduct such surveillance, since it is based on the use of a known drug, proven in over 60 years and virtually has no side effects. Vaccination covering contingent risk, we will try to cause them to have a positive effect. In the following, we expect that the incidence of these persons will be less, and the severity of the disease, if it occurs, will be easier. Similar studies are planned in the US, but unlike Russia, they have no registration live vaccine, so there they will begin no earlier than July,” – said Aidar Ishmukhametov.

The President of the company “Nanolek” Vladimir Khristenko also supported the initiative of holding in the Kirov region Supervisory program, noting that in the fight against coronavirus any ideas are good, but today was not yet the breakthrough initiatives.

“If we talk about the development of a vaccine against COVID-19, it will take considerable time. So if the idea of OPV will work, then it would be a good solution, because the Center named after M. P. Chumakov know how to produce in large quantities and has a great experience. From the point of view of this project in the Kirov region on the basis of “Biopolis” it plays an important role. If the studies are successful, then for the “Biopolis” this will be one of the first real large projects, in addition to those we are implementing in the future”, – said Khristenko.

In turn, the first Deputy Chairman of the regional government Dmitry Kurdyumov said that to date it has worked out the format of the agreement on mutual partnership. “Until the end of the week, in accordance with applicable law, we plan to sign a tripartite agreement between the government of the Kirov region, Kirov state medical University and the Center. M. P. Chumakov. In parallel, we will prepare the decree of the government of the region, which will go in addition to this agreement regarding funding. Next week you can begin to implement Supervisory programs”, – said Dmitry Kurdyumov.

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