In the Italian municipality held a mass testing for the coronavirus. 37% of residents identified antibody

In 37% of the inhabitants of the commune of San Giovanni Bianco in the Italian region Lombardy detected antibodies to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, are intermediate results of mass testing conducted at the initiative of and financed by local authorities. On 6 June, reported the Agency ANSA.

The population of the commune is 4800 people, in a study carried out by enzyme immunoassay of blood, involved 1441 volunteers.

Most COVID-positive disease passed asymptomatic, often they did not know about it.

Mayor Marco Milesi said he was not surprised by the test results. According to him, in March 2020 in the municipality more people have died than in all of 2019, writes Corriere della Sera.

The figure is 37%, if he is confirmed by the results of the screening, will be deemed wonderful. Rvarious industry epidemiological studies conducted in different countries, do not give the numbers above 5-10%. Lombardy, therefore, will be closest to the “herd immunity”, the newspaper notes.

Italy is in seventh place in the world in the number of people infected with coronavirus (234 801). The Lombardy accounts for 90 070 positive tests, according to the Ministry of health of the country. Only in Italy from COVID-died 19 33 846 people (in Lombardy – 16 249).

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