In the footsteps of Sancho. Who is He and why he is Borussia D

In a strange you and the times we live in, friends. In a time when, despite losses due to the pandemic, Borussia Dortmund is without a doubt pay 23 million euros for a 17-year-old, who previously played only in the championship.

By modern standards, seems to be not so much. But for a club that never in its history did not pay more than 30,5 million euros is a large sum. For example, even Erling Holland cost “bumblebee” 3 million cheaper!

So who is this Bellingham? And is it worth this investment? Spoiler: it is.

Highlight key facts about the new player of Borussia Dortmund D.

Bellingham started to play at the professional level, when he just turned 16

Jude is the youngest player in the history of “Birmingham”. The teenager made his debut for the first team aged just 16 years and 38 days. He appeared in the starting lineup for the match of the Cup of English League against “Portsmouth”, and have since fixed in the main wing of the team.

A month after that Bellingham has established another record of “Birmingham”. Hit the gate, “Stoke city”, he became the youngest scorer in the club’s history – 16 years, 2 months and 2 days.

In General, the Bellingham spent this whole season in the first team of the mother club. On account of his 40 games in the championship, of which it 31 times appeared in the starting lineup. Jude scored 4 goals and 3 assists cash once you generate a total of 2,633 minutes.

By the way, he is also the youngest player in the entire existence of professional football in England, which reached 40 games.

Amazing numbers for a player who is only 29 June was 17 years old.

Jude is not a new Jeydon

Not very correct to compare Bellingham to the star of Borussia D Cadona Sancho. Of the common they have only the nationality and the age at which they chose Dortmund as the place to further his career.

Of course, the example of Sancho played a crucial role. Young British saw in Dortmund are able to work with young people, and now not afraid to go to a foreign country for themselves.

But Bellingham is a player of very different plan compared to Sancho. Jude classic Boxing the Boxing. Great physical condition allow Bellingham to cover a huge amount of space in midfield. At the Academy he often played on the flank, but after the coaches saw that it fits perfectly in the center.

Also, unlike Sancho, He already has experience playing at the professional level. Jadon Dortmund played only for youth teams “man city” and “Watford”. Even in the “Borussia” Sancho the first six months spent in the second command, and only in the winter began to come on the pitch in the Bundesliga.

Bellingham will not be transferred to the reserves. He needed Lucien Favre here and now.

Why Bellingham Borussia D?

Axl would Widely in January will already be 32 years old, and it becomes all the more traumatic. Thomas Delaney 28, and almost the whole of last season was treated from different injuries. Mahmoud Dahoud in principle does not pull the team level. Except that Emre can is now in the Prime of life.



I would venture to suggest that this summer, Borussia finally sell Dajuda, and his place in the rotation is Bellingham. If the 17-year-old Englishman, everything will turn out, maybe even a place in the starting lineup earn. But there is already a lot depends on how quickly he mastered in a new country and get used to the speed of the Bundesliga.

Anyway, Borussia D needed a new tough Central midfielder, able to perform the same functions as Witsel. And she got it.

But this is all about specifically gaming side. In strategic terms, this transaction is even more important. “Borussia” D want to create the reputation of the club, where you can tune in any talent. Recent examples of Sancho, Giovanni Reina, Christian Politica, Ashraf Hakimi and Erling Holland here as indicative.

Just think: “Manchester United” brings Bellingham and his entire family to the base, acquaints with Sir Alex Ferguson and Eric Cantona, describes a plan for its development and compares Bryan Robson. The tremendous efforts of one of the strongest clubs in the world. But instead, he chooses Dortmund. And it only says that the strategy of the “yellow-black” works.

Salary Bellingham will increase by more than 300 times

Yes, He played for the basis of “Birmingham,” but because of very young age could not sign a professional contract. Therefore, earned in the previous club he’s about 800 euros per month student contract. That is, in a year this sum amounted to about 9 600 euros.

His agreement with Borussia D is for five years, and the salary is 3 million euros per year. It turns out that the salary of a teenager grew up in 312,5 times!

By the way, according to the first contract with “bumblebees”, Sancho earned two million less.

Jude don’t forget about studying

The most important place in the life of Bellingham is a study. In particular, at the moment he pays great attention to the study of sociology and psychology.

“I understand the importance of getting a good education at my age. Want not only my parents but myself” – quoted by the Bellingham of the BBC.

Twitter Birmingham. Jude Bellingham

“As for my choice, then I’m interested to read about such subjects now. We see a growing number of men who commit suicide. Very important information about how to recognize these signs in the behavior, know how to help.”

What else is there to say: very commendable!

Father Bellingham – the legend of the Sunday League

The love of football he has brought his father mark, who works in the police, but on the weekends driving the ball in the so-called Sunday League. Who do not know, this is the place where men of different ages and physique come to play football for fun. But the division into regions and competitive nature attached to all this seriousness.

So mark Bellingham – the legend of the Sunday League. Of course, consider the statistics at this level is practically impossible, but saying that almost 850 matches he scored about 700 goals. Bombardire!

Total. “Borussia” D gets a talented guy at a position that needs strengthening. It’s obviously still not managed to Sozvezdiye, and his attitude to work and study bribe. In the future, the club will be able to sell Bellingham’s worth several times more than he spent on it. Yet it all looks very competent and far-sighted move.

Hey, Jude!



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