In the depths of the Pacific ocean found a previously unknown living creature

A vast area of the rift at the bottom in the Central Pacific ocean area of about 4.5 million sq km area known as the Clarion-Clipperton (CCZ), is considered the larder of rare metals and minerals. However, scientists have recently discovered here at a depth of 5 km previously unknown creatures.

They belong to xenophyophores (Xenophyophoroidea) the superfamily of single-celled protozoa – foraminifera. Being one of the most common microorganisms that live at extreme depths, they were first described in the late nineteenth century.

Recently, open view – representatives of a previously unknown kind of Abyssalia, received its name in honor of their habitats – abyssal zone located at a depth of over 3000 meters. During the expedition in 2018 aboard the research vessel RV Kilo Moana, scientists discovered in the Western part of the CCZ two members of the genus Abyssalia – foliformis A. and A. sphaerica.

Xenophyophore covered with microscopic shells of glued particles. In the case abyssale, their shell consists of a homogeneous spongy mesh without a distinct surface layer.

A. sphaerica is spherical in shape, somewhat resembles a dandelion, whereas A. foliformis – more flat and looks like a leaf.

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