In the Czech Republic faced two trains, there are dead and dozens injured

The evening of 14 July in the Czech Republic on the railway line between Prague and Colin in the area of český Brod faced passenger and freight trains. About this informed the Czech News Agency.

After hitting the structure with people derailed, firefighters had to reinforce it so it does not overturned.

The victim of the collision was 40-year-old driver of the passenger train, who was “trapped inside”.

Seriously injured four people, another 31 received minor injuries, said the representative of “emergency” Peter Effenberger.

The Minister of transport of the Czech Republic Karel Havlicek Borovsky called the victim machinist experienced technician, who recently returned from vacation. It is no coincidence that the tragedy could occur because of illness.

Havlicek stated that “technology, probably, did not disappoint,” and called the area in which the collision occurred, “the best in the country.”

The causes of the accidents studied by the experts.

This is the second emergency trains in the Czech Republic over the last week. July 7, not far from carlsbad as the result of a collision between two passenger trains killed two people.

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