In the “Autonomous zone” of Seattle, which is controlled by protesters, shooting occurred, one person was killed

On the night of 20 June in the heart of Seattle skirmish, one person was killed, another hospitalized in serious condition. About it reported the police Department of the city.

The incident happened in one of the quarters of the so-called Autonomous zone, which the protesters cordoned off by barricades. The reason for the firing is unknown.

The patrol tried to get to the scene, but they were not allowed the aggressive crowd, the statement said.

The deceased was 19 years old. Murder suspects fled, said police.

Writes the Seattle Times, witnesses heard at least six shots. According to the newspaper, the protesters were going to attack a police patrol arrived, but other activists did not allow them to do so.

For two weeks the Seattle center is under the control of demonstrators conducting an indefinite protest against police violence and racial intolerance. June 7, protesters tore down the barricades in the center of the police Department and local Capitol. Police used tear gas. On 8 June the police, for security reasons, have left the area, declared an “Autonomous zone” free from the police.

The US President Donald trump said on 10 June that the Seattle captured “domestic terrorists”.

This is the second incident during the protest in Seattle: June 7, in the crowd of protesters crashed the car; the driver was wounded from a gun to the protesters, after which he was arrested.

Protests in the US began after the death of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis on may 25 after a tough police detention. Forensic examination confirmed that the death was caused by strangulation (a police officer with his knee pinned Floyd to the asphalt, becoming on his neck).

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