In tears: Kim Kardashian first met Kanye West after his controversial speech

Recently, relations in the family, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West very difficult. After the announcement of the participation in the presidential race, the rapper made a lot of loud statements about the fact that Kim allegedly wanted to have an abortion, and also about their desire to divorce.

What happens between Kim and Kanye, are difficult to understand, but recently they were able to speak in person for the first time after the controversial tweets, the rapper. The paparazzi spotted Kim at a meeting with Kanye in Wyoming. The couple were in the car, and their conversation was so emotional that brought the girl to tears.

“Kim was crying and was in hysterics. She didn’t see Kanye for weeks. She takes everything close to heart and is already fully exhausted. Kanye her very much wounded. Several times she tried to reach him, but he ignored her. So she decided to visit him,” — said close to the couple source the edition People.

Photos of Kim and Kanye made during this tense meeting, look for the link.

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