In Sydney to build the biggest wooden tower in the world

Australian IT company Atlassian will host its new headquarters in a modern 40-storey building made of glued laminated timber and steel, which will be the tallest wooden skyscraper in the world.

Glued laminated timber is manufactured by gluing of the individual lamellae, which allows you to create the design of various configurations and sizes. It is an environmentally friendly material that can absorb carbon in urban environments.

The unusual design of the tower, a joint project of the architectural firms SHoP (new York, USA) and BVN (Australia). External finish 180-meter building is a combination of steel and glass with a multi-tiered roof gardens at the top.

According to the architects, in addition to carbon-neutral design, the building will run on renewable energy. Windows will be shaded, and the entire building will be equipped with solar panels. The skyscraper will house employees from several companies. The total number of employees may eventually reach 25,000.

While the project is in the drawings. In the near future, Atlassian will release more information about its development plans. The company has still not announced how much it will cost the construction of this unique building.

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