In Sweden built the first wind generator out of wood

In Sweden launched the first wooden wind turbine which is made of environmentally friendly materials and provides performance comparable with conventional “wind turbines”. Its creators hope that the new installation will be the harbinger of cheaper and environmentally friendly solutions for renewable energy sources in countries with cold climate.

Following in the footsteps of their German colleagues (in Germany the wind generator out of wood was launched earlier), the Swedish engineering company Modvion tried to save his creation from the typical shortcomings of wind generators.

We are talking primarily about solid metal bases that have working sections: they are expensive to manufacture and difficult to transport to the installation site.

In contrast, a wind turbine company Modvion has a modular design, it is made of cheaper and more environmentally friendly materials, which does not require a large amount of energy. Wind generators have a height of 120 m. Due to the modular design, they can be transported stacked sections on ordinary roads.

If Modvion goes well, in 2022, will begin serial production of these wooden wind turbines. The first customers will be companies Varberg Energi and Rabbalshede Kraf, which will be manufactured towers with a height of 110 and 150 m, respectively.

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