In spite of Putin Khabarovsk chose his governors very specific Furgala. Putin angry, he was arrested

What is happening in Khabarovsk easily described by two lines from Vysotsky: “Look, Zin, do not touch the brother-in-law – what to eat, and he kin”.

Two years ago, in spite of Putin and “United Russia”, Khabarovsk chose his governors very specific Furgala typical biography of a member of the liberal democratic party. Putin is suffered, but the demonstrative indifference when “zeroing” was the last straw, and Putin embittered Furgala was arrested. And Khabarovsk took to the streets.

For Furgala? No, for himself. Because the arrest of the elected Governor of Moscow gave them a public slap in the face.

The situation is tragicomic, because Furgal clearly not Havel. But anyway, it – details on the background are much more important things.

When Russia becomes a habit to choose a honest administration, equal and free vote – that’s when the time comes to talk about the quality of the choice. And yet – we are talking about the return of the right to do that and not meet with the bow of another asshole from the Horde sent from the label to reign.

Well done to the channel.

And, by the way, note the Khabarovsk police. Something she is in no hurry to thresh countrymen with sticks and put in paddy wagons… Moscow is far away and every day on. And police forces closer her not to do.

“Look, I will wait”…

Federalism is federalism, if you give people the opportunity to freely choose their own government. And if you insist on the police state – once federalism becomes separatism.

AU. Bunker, bunker, I Russia. Can you hear me?

Source: Viktor Shenderovich / Facebook

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