In Spain due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the farm destroyed more than 92 thousand Minks

Spanish farm, specializing in the tanning and finishing of leather and fur of mink, there was a flash COVID-19, the authorities of the Autonomous region of Aragon has decided to destroy all livestock of animals – 92 700 burrows, reported by El Pais on July 16.

The Ministry of agriculture and environment conducted several studies on fur farms before confirming the transmission of the virus between animals. On June 22, there was a new test with a random sample of 30 specimens, the result gave five positive results, equivalent to 16% of the selected sample, the newspaper notes.

On the farm coronavirus was also identified seven employees.

“We cannot determine if transmission from humans to animals or Vice versa, I can say that both scenarios are likely,” – said the Minister of agriculture, livestock and environment Joaquin Olona.

According to him, the decision about the destruction of the burrows taken to prevent the spread of the virus among people.

17 Jun Administration for veterinary medicine and food of Denmark reported the destruction of 11 thousand holes because of an outbreak of coronavirus on the farm.

The decision to murder all the holes was made after consultations with the authorities of the Netherlands, where since June 6, had to kill all livestock on 10 farms.

On the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 on mink farms in the Netherlands it became known in April. In may confirmed contamination from the burrows of an employee of one of the farms. Before this incident , the world health organization claimed that the coronavirus is not transmitted from animals to humans.

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