In South Korea, said that patients with re-COVID-19 is not contagious

Korean center for disease control stated that patients who have repeatedly been confirmed positive for coronavirus not contagious. On 18 may, writes CNN.

Korean doctors conducted laboratory analysis of 108 cases of repeated positive tests for COVID-19 and 285 epidemiological investigation of cases to determine whether to place patients in a two-week quarantine after discharge from the hospital. Medical staff checked 790 close contacts of the 285 cases that were re-infected, but found no infections related to recovered patients.

The Director of the center for Korean Jeong Yun-Kyung said that doctors can not yet say why some patients get sick again, however, the Centre’s experts believe that the test is a polymerase chain reaction can detect the particles of the dead virus.

When a positive sample is identified and cultivated, the results of re-PCR studies of coronavirus was not found. Thus, people who have had coronavirus and received a positive result after re-testing, in fact, was not contagious, said the head of the Center.

Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 began in late 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan. By 18 may in the world of coronavirus infected 4.71 million people died 315.2 thousand, recovered approximately 1.73 million, informs the Johns Hopkins University. In South Korea, according to the University, confirmed the disease in more than 11 thousand people, of which 263 died.

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