In Sledkom of Belarus said that the mercenaries PMC “Wagner” are confused in indications

Detained near Minsk the Russian mercenaries of the private military company “Wagner” give contradictory testimony. On the Belarusian TV channel ONT was told by the head of the investigative group Alexander Agafonov.

“All detainees interrogated with defenders. Their testimony is inconsistent, and the purpose of stay in Belarus – contradictory. 11 people were meant to fly [from Belarus] in Venezuela, 15 followed in Turkey, two to Cuba and one in Syria. one didn’t know where he’s going. Three from testimony refused. It is doubtful that one scheduled flight can make a flight in the countries of different continents” – shared his suspicions the representative of Sledkoma.

Agafonov added that the detainees were in possession of the tickets for the flight to Istanbul, but they ignored the departure. “As the investigation revealed, to fly where they did not intend,” said he, stating that the purchase was part of a prepared alibi.

About the detention of 33 Russians who are in the PMCs “Wagner”, the Belarusian authorities announced on July 29. More than 10 of them are included in the list of the Ukrainian site “Peacemaker” as participants in the armed conflict in the Donbass on the side of Pro-Russian militants. In the security Council of Belarus said that the detainees opened criminal case under the article about the preparation of terrorist acts, later it was reported that they are suspected of preparing mass riots.

On 31 July, the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine reported on suspicion in participation in terrorist organizations 28 detainees in Belarus mercenaries and notified the Minsk intention to request their extradition.

Russian military journalist Semyon Pegov said that the company “Wagner” intended to transfer a group of his fighters via Belarus to Africa and the Belarusian authorities knew about it. “Radio Svoboda” believes that the destination was Sudan.

The security Council of Belarus said that the Russian Federation was not notified of the transfer of power PMC via Belarus.

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