In Russian schools massively implement a system for face recognition “Orwell”

The newspaper “Vedomosti” reported that in all schools of Russia will be a new system of facial recognition, which received the eloquent name “Orwell”. According to the authors, the system will keep the kids, watching their every movement and tracking of unauthorized persons who will be able to enter the school grounds.

The platform recognizes targets using video cameras and thermal imaging pictures. For this purpose special algorithms developed by Elvis-Neotek (controlled by RUSNANO). A company representative assured that parents and their children will add to the database only with their consent. At the same base in each school will be stored on the local server, to prevent the risk of hacking.

In the future, this technology will also be used to track attendance, distance education support and monitoring of school personnel, according to “Vedomosti”. According to reports, “Orwell” is already established in 1608 schools, and by the end of the project will be 43000.

News about this new surveillance system appeared on the background of other, truly Orwellian drama that played out in the publishing house “Vedomosti”. Last week a newspaper left all five Vice-editor-in-chief. They resigned in protest against censorship, which introduced the new editor-in-chief of the edition Andrey Shmarov.

Deputy editor-in-chief accused Shmarova a prohibition against criticism of the amendments to the Constitution proposed by Vladimir Putin, and also in concealing the results of the polls that cause discontent of the Kremlin. In addition, according to them, Shmarov was actively involved in the investigation of the work of Rosneft, which is controlled by those loyal to Putin, Igor Sechin.

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