In Russia, three men will be tried for the theft of 43 soft toys from the machine

In Kungur (Russia) police completed the investigation into the theft of soft toys from a game machine. About it reports a press-service of the interior Ministry of Russia for the Perm region.

In the Russian interior Ministry said that in March to the local police Department asked the operator of the gaming machine installed in the foyer of a local supermarket. The woman stated that while checking the equipment found broken glass and the disappearance of 43 soft toys. The sum of the caused damage made more than 8 thousand rubles (3 thousand UAH).

Police found the three involved in the theft. The first man admitted being drunk, wanted to get the toy with the paddle, but the attempts were unsuccessful. Angry, he smashed the glass of the machine with his fist, then took the coveted toy and left.

Some time later, two supermarket buyers, taking advantage of the fact that the glass of the machine was broken, took some soft toys and fled the scene, say police.

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