In Russia propose to deprive transgender people of the right to family media

For consideration by the State Duma on 14 July a bill was introduced amending the Family code of the Russian Federation to “strengthen the family”. Document filed by group of senators, headed by Elena Mizulina, published on the website of the lower house of the Russian Parliament.

As noted by “Siberia.Realities” (project “Radio Liberty”), among other things, the bill proposes to add to the birth certificate under “sex”. The amendment to the certificate record of birth is not allowed.

“Thus, transgender people fall into a situation where they will have two floor at the same time: one on the passport, the birth certificate”, – writes the edition.

In addition, the senators propose to establish a “ban on marriage between persons of the same sex.” To monitor the implementation of standards will oblige employees of a registry office: they will have the right to require those wishing to marry is not just passports but also birth certificates.

“If the amendment is adopted, transgender people in Russia will not be able to marry even after their physical gender change. Will be impossible for these couples and adoption of children. In the community of transgender people’s legislative initiative caused confusion and panic,” – says the publication.

According to “Siberia.Reality,” the adoption of these amendments will deprive transgender people of the right to family.

As stated on the website of the state Duma profile Committee recommended the bill for consideration. Before August 20 will be accepting comments, suggestions and remarks to the draft law.

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