In Russia, more than 300 cadets and officers were infected by the coronavirus during the rehearsals of the parade may 9 – the media

At least 376 of military students and officers were infected by the coronavirus during the rehearsals of the parade on 9 may. This may 11 announced the publication of a”Project” with reference to the sick and their relatives.

As found out the edition, training for the parade took place at the Alabino in the Moscow region three times a week from March 25 to April 16. 16 April, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the cancellation of the Victory parade and the rehearsal stopped (eventually in Russia took place only aviaparada).

The event was supposed to take the participation of 15 thousand people and about 400 units of military equipment.

Journalists met with the participants of the rehearsals and their acquaintances only six of the more than 40 pieces, institutes and colleges. Therefore, the publication suggests, the number of infected soldiers and students, “most likely many times more”.

“Project” has been able to confirm the following infections in the Russian army:

  • Suvorov military school in Tver – ill 90 cadets and 16 officers;
  • Nakhimov naval school – 100 cadets and 20 officers;
  • Military music College named Lieutenant General Khalilov in Moscow – 50 students;
  • Military University of the Ministry of defense in Moscow – presumably 100 people.

The number of patients in 154-m, a separate commandant Preobrazhensky regiment (stationed in Moscow) and the Voronezh air force Academy is unknown, but, according to parents of cadets, we are talking about the “mass infection”.

The reporters found that during rehearsals noszenie masks were selective. For example, one of the participants in the rehearsal of the Military Academy of communications named after Budenny said that their box was masked, but many other soldiers they were not. However, the spokesperson of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov told “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, during rehearsals had taken “unprecedented measures of prevention” to avoid diseases of personnel.

According to data of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation on 10 may, only in the Russian army, it was revealed 3317 cases of infection with coronavirus, of which 1723 – have members of the armed force, 1132 – do cadets of higher military educational establishments, 55 – the pupils of pre-University educational institutions.

In Russia as of may 11, coronavirus was confirmed in 221 344 residents, 2009 of them died. The number of infected Russia came in third place in the world after the USA and Spain.

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