In Russia, missing plane An-2 with six people on Board

Jul 19, in Russia, missing plane An-2 airlines “Phoenix”, on Board of which there were six persons – two crew members and four passengers, announced on 20 July the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation.

Saved received information that the plane had not made contact, on the evening of July 19.

The Board departed from the village Kyren, Republic of Buryatia, his exact route is not known. According to preliminary information, the flight was not coordinated with aviation authorities.

To search for the plane involved three sides: the aircraft An-26 and An-2 and helicopter Mi-8, informed the Ministry.

Russia’s investigative Committee launched a probe into the disappearance of the aircraft, reported the press service of the Ministry. According to him, the ship circled over the territory of the Tunka and Oka regions of the Republic of Buryatia to determine the field of chemical processing of air of the woods from the silkworm.

The head of the Siberian coordination centre search and rescue Victor Draeger told TASSthat the plane stopped communicating six hours after departure. According to him, the head of airline “the Phoenix” was aware of the departure, so rescuers know the likely search area.

“Interfax” in the rescue coordination center reported that the passengers of the missing An-2 was the pilots of other aircraft. They showed the area where it is necessary to carry out the spraying.

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