In Russia, activists staged a rally toy. Because of this, it came to the staff of criminal investigation Department

In Saint-Petersburg (Russia) to the press Secretary of the movement “Spring” Sonya Washaway came from the criminal investigation Department for a toy rally against amendments to the Constitution. About this said on Twitter-page motion.

“Our press Secretary staff came. Introduced by the criminal investigation Department. Asked about our little protest”, – stated in the message.

Earlier in the day, activists staged at the Champ de Mars campaign “a Toy nanomeeting”, which involved toys. Ulasava was the photographer of this toy demonstrations. The photographs of the various toys stand with placards against the amendments to the Constitution: “This plebiscite igrushechny us”, “Amendment can’t protect us”, “Puppeteer it’s time to get out of the game”, “the Plastic world has won.”

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