In Russia, a new record for deaths from COVID-19 per day

Over the past day from COVID-19 in Russia killed 232 people, the largest number of deaths in the country during the time of the pandemic. Data lead site “Separaration of the Russian Federation”.

For the entire period of the pandemic in Russia recorded 4374 death.

In Russia for the last day was 8572 new cases COVID-19. The number of cases in the country over the entire period reached 387 623.

Most new episodes of infection revealed in Moscow – 2332. Only in the Russian capital for 175 829 confirmed cases.

The previous record was set may 26, then in Russia died per day 174 people, of them only in Moscow – 76.

Russia is in third place in the world, according to the American Johns Hopkins University, by the number of cases. The total number of infected people in the world exceeded 5.8 million, of which more than 2.4 million recovered, and 360 thousand died.

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