In Poland, the businesswoman took out the dead body of a Ukrainian forest. She was given a year and 10 months in prison

The court in the New Tomysl (Poland) has recognized local entrepreneur guilty of the Grażyna F. failure to provide assistance to a worker of Ukraine Vasyl H, which led to his death. On may 8 announced Onet.

The woman was sentenced to a year and 10 months in prison and eight years forbidden to conduct any activities associated with hiring employees.

In July 2019 the Ukrainian Basil H, who worked in a carpentry workshop in the New Tomysl, had a heart attack. Colleagues tried to resuscitate him, but to no avail. The owner of the workshop F. was forbidden to call an ambulance.

Then, as found by the Prosecutor’s office, the owner of the company ordered all staff, except one, to leave a production shop. The remaining workers, the Ukrainian Sergei G., she is instructed to load the dead body in her car, threatening to dock your pay. After that, the woman took out a body Part in the forest, 120 km from New Tomysl. The next day the deceased was found by the Forester.

The accused in the case were also made by Sergey G. He explained that he had complied with the orders of the chief, as he was afraid to remain without means of subsistence, worked in the Studio without an employment agreement and did not know Polish. The court found him guilty of obstructing the investigation and was fined 8000 zlotys ($1900).

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