In Paris, 20 thousand people gathered to protest against police brutality

2 Jun 20 thousand people gathered outside the courthouse in Paris to speak out against police brutality, told channel France 24.

The reason for the protests were the events in Minneapolis that turned into mass protests in the United States, as well as the new circumstances of the death of a black Frenchman Adam Traore, who died after police detention in 2016.

The organizer of the protest in Paris was made by AssA traoré, sister of Adam. Last week was published two opinions of forensic experts about the death of 24-year-old Adama Traore. The study, commissioned by the relatives of the deceased, revealed that death occurred from the effects of suffocation as a result of the actions of the police. Another autopsy report said the cause of death “cardiac edema” associated with poor health traoré.

Protesters took to the streets, despite the current due to pandemic coronavirus ban on gatherings of more than 10 people. The protesters carried signs reading “Black Lives Matter”, many were wearing masks that say “I can’t breathe”.

According to the information channel, in Paris, clashes broke out, police used tear gas, rubber bullets.

Protests were also held in other cities of France: 2.5 thousand people took part in the rally in Lille, 1.8 thousand – in Marseille, and 1.2 thousand in Lyon.

Protests in the US began after may 25 after a tough police detention in Minneapolis died African American George Floyd. The patrol suspected him that he paid with a fake $ 20 bill. After the death of the men began to riot. Demonstrators took to the streets and began throwing the police with firecrackers and bottles. During the protests were looted shop, unknown persons set fire to several industrial and commercial buildings, as well as a police station. One person was killed. Native of Floyd appealed to the protesters asking them not to allow violence.

The government decided on the introduction of the national guard. May 29, law enforcement authorities arrested police officer Derek Shovina, which used a rear naked choke against Floyd.

A forensic medical report confirmed that African-American Floyd died as the result of strangulation.

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