In Norway found a Board game that was played by the ancient Romans 1700 years ago

During the excavation of the burials in Norway, archeologists found a Board game that was played by the ancient Romans about 1,700 years ago. Ludus latrunculorum – so it is called – consists of 19 parts, including elongated bones, which is more similar to writing instruments, than the usual dice we use today. This game was similar to chess, checkers or backgammon and forced the players to compete in combat tactics. Unfortunately, the Board is still not found.

Place Sochi in Voss in Western Norway, where finds were made, contains artifacts of the early iron age, which date from about 300 ad and it is Located close to the important Maritime trade route, known as the “Nordvegen” (translated as “the Northern way” – presumably hence the name of the country).

According to archaeologists found here the burial, probably belonged to a man with a high position in society. Other excavated objects – including ceramics, bone, bronze needle and annealed glass – support the idea.

“These status objects testify to the contact with the Roman Empire, and Romans, as we know, liked to play Board games, – says the historian Morten Ramstad from the Museum of the University of Bergen in Norway. – The people playing these games, it is the local aristocracy or upper class. The game meant that a person has the time, income and the ability to think strategically”.

The restored part of the game is made of bone and are relatively well preserved. On an oblong cubes, you can see little circles representing the numbers 0, 3, 4 and 5. According to scientists, the game could be the predecessor table of the Viking game hnefatafl (king’s table).

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