In Norway for the first time in 116 years began to excavate the Viking ship

26 June in the vicinity of Halden in Southeast Norway has begun archaeological excavations aimed to raise from the ground the remains of an ancient Viking ship. About it reported a press-service of the Ministry of climate and environment.

The state of wooden dragon boat is extremely bad, noted in the Ministry. In the course of research 2019 it was found that only the keel is completely preserved, but it is badly damaged by mold.

The government issued a special license for excavations funded it to quickly unearth a unique find. It is planned that the expedition will last for five months.

For the first time more than 100 years in Norway discovered a Viking ship. This country was discovered three dragon boat, the last of them Osebergskipet in 1904. The ancient inhabitants of Scandinavia used the ships as tombs, pouring on top of the mounds.

The fourth ship was able to detect in 2018 thanks to radar, he was named Gjellestadskipet. Its length is about 20 m, writes the BBC.

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