In Moscow publisher Verzilova was arrested for 15 days

Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow on June 22, was arrested on 15 days of the participant of Pussy Riot and publisher of “media zones” Peter Verzilova, told “Novaya Gazeta”.

He was accused of disorderly conduct – obscene language in a public place.

Verzilov told the court that after leaving the police station on 21 June, he noted “obvious surveillance” for a by a few men, in which “it was easy to identify the operational staff”. Soon the man was knocked down provocateur Maxim Baryshnikov.

“After 20 seconds, came the police who took me to the police station on petty-Bourgeois area. The description of this situation leaves no doubt that we were in a situation of classic police provocation, which was played very badly. They had a task to challenge me to a fight. The only thing they decided to blame me – swearing. But no evidence that I was swearing and was not” – said the publisher.

On the morning of 21 June Verzilov told friends that the door of his rented apartment break, after that connection with him gone. Neighbors told that to the publisher it’s at least 10 people, some were in police uniforms. He was taken to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation to testify in a criminal case on extremism on the Internet.

“Russian service of the BBC” with reference to friend Verzilova announced that he was planning a performance during the rehearsal of the Victory parade: was going to stand in front of a column tanks, thereby repeating the famous scene in 1989 imprinted on the picture with Tiananmen square in Beijing.

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