In Moscow extended the regime of self-isolation and mandatory wearing of masks and gloves

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin may 7 reported on its website concerning prolongation of regime of isolation for residents of the Russian capital until may 31.

“Time limits of functioning of the enterprises of trade, public catering, sphere of services, culture, education, sports, and other non-manufacturing industries, as well as the mode of isolation of the citizens will be extended until may 31. Open restaurants, theatres, sports facilities while still early,” – said Sobyanin.

May 12, resumed the work of industrial and construction enterprises in this regard will be tightened mask mode, the mayor noted.

“Requiring mandatory use of means of protection, we do not enforce limits, but rather are taking a big step toward returning to normal life. When will re-open businesses and construction projects, utilization of public transportation will inevitably increase, to comply with social distancing will be difficult. Screening tests of workers in different industries showed that the ability to be infected by the coronavirus in the stores really exist. These risks cannot be neglected. The use of masks and gloves will be a wise precaution and insurance against the new outbreak of disease” – said Sobyanin.

As explained to”Interfax” the head of the main control Department of Moscow Yevgeny Danchikov, Wtraf for being unmasked in public transport will amount to 5,000 rubles ($67).

For the last day of the coronavirus in Russia was confirmed in 11 of 231 people. This is a record daily gain since the start of the outbreak. The number of infected is 177 160 died 1625 people.

Universal mode of self-isolation in Moscow valid from 30 March. Residents of Moscow can leave the place of stay for seeking emergency medical advice or in case of other direct threats to life and health. It is allowed to drive to work and back, to follow to the nearest place of purchase. Walking, including with a pet is possible within the limits of the district of residence at a distance not exceeding 100 m from the accommodation to the garbage can only to the nearest place of waste accumulation.

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