In Moscow and the Moscow region ass. In hospitals the crowds of people. Someone to be tested for corona, who on MRI

About friends who hurt it. A friend was prescribed. Diagnosed on CT scan. Test results pulled seven days. Only today it became known that it is negative. But the test, they say, they do not hover. Treated in hospital as a “crown”.

Each treated home. In the hospital his wife. To put it in there was difficult. Take heavy. She did not the percentage of affected lung. Then the doctor underestimated her level of oxygen in the blood. Lay down. She’s a bit easier than the other because he’s on the meds, she’s on the droppers. And it praises the hospital. New, just assembled from “blocks”. Food packaged as “astronauts”. And other good quality. But it is also equipped with a whole course diagram. He says he is not jealous of those who got sick in early March. Then had to wildly overpay for the needed medicines. Now you are diagnosed based on CT – and once the doctor issues the box. In her course of antibiotic, antiviral, anti-malarial. But all this civilization – in Moscow.

In the suburbs its a friend of the family waited for an ambulance a week while the head of the family in his car spent on the administrative border of Moscow and directly from the bus stop did not cause this very “fast”.

In General, the other, which has now affected 25% of light, says that the feeling is more than crappy. The feelings you clean a piece of meat.

Yes. And that’s what. Test his wife, was ready at once, his own test is not ready till now. The people of the crowd. To test for a CT scan in hospitals. On CT scan it today I’ll go a second time, calling an ambulance. In a “planned” order is unrealistic. Going to see crawling the percentage.

Well, the doctors are now saying that all the garbage about “it’s harder for the elderly”. My friends mom is also zavisova, carries easily, is caring for him now. And the young, doctors say, leads the immune system. Initially working so that the picture blurred. And then it is too late.

The conclusion, which I do. In Moscow and the Moscow region ass. To help will help, but percentage – ass.

“Self-isolation” is not to extend but could not. But extended debility. So, to be able to fill their pockets at the expense of the people who came just to inhale oxygen. This brutality.

People should be given the opportunity to walk in the green areas, not huddling together. Masks – in transport, at work and in shops. And, of course, chaos is to wait for the result of the test for weeks. “Up to 10 days,” as they say. Well, here to show off exactly nothing.

Source: Elena Rykovtseva / Facebook

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