In Minecraft he built the largest city in the entire history of the game

Portal user Reddit with nick @NJDaeger published news about the next update of virtual city Greenfield (Greenfield), who built in the game Minecraft with 2011. Now he is in size comparable to the largest megalopolises of the world and much more of all other settlements in the game.

The main feature of Greenfield in the desire of its builders to withstand the 1:1 scale. That is, each virtual cube is an analogue of 1 cubic meter in reality and the whole city is built with these proportions. This means that a walk on the miles of the Avenue for a couple of minutes will not succeed. Factories, bridges, skyscrapers – all of the huge and detailed, and in the city Park you can actually get lost.

Greenfield is very, very large and populous city. It was built not with the purpose to fill the space and guided by the idea to saturate the area as a large number of unique objects. There are flyovers and kiosks, repair shops and multi-level crossings, roads, cinemas, metro, railway and many different suburbs.

Officially, the city construction has not been completed, it will expand as long as its founders have new ideas. Now it is possible to walk for hours without seeing in it a tenth of that. Greenfield is not commercial, and people’s project, here is full of “Easter eggs” and secrets that are not easy to find.

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