In Mexico have found the oldest and largest Mayan complex – he was referring to

On the southern tip of Mexico have discovered a giant elongated structure with a length of nearly a mile. The researchers say this is probably the oldest and largest monument of the Mayan civilization ever found. Located find in a historical site Aguada Phoenix in the state of Tabasco, the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The object is so big for his age, which forced archaeologists to reconsider ideas about the architectural possibilities of the mysterious people.

Prior to this, the oldest ceremonial center of the Maya was considered to be the ancient city of Seibal in Guatemala, Dating from around 950 BC. Aguada Phoenix refers to the same time period. The researchers, led by archaeologist Takeshi Inomata from the University of Arizona believe that it was built between 1000 and 800 BC, but its size and scope make it unlike any structures of that period. The most striking thing is that this huge structure over the centuries has been on everyone’s mind, but remained unnoticed by modern Mexicans on the surface of the huge complex. “This developed region, says Inomata is not a jungle, where people live. But this huge site is not found because it is flat and looks like a natural landscape”.

However, Aguada Phoenix failed to hide from aerial photography. The lidar found a platform of low mounds with a length of 1413 meters from North to South and 399 meters from East to West, towering 15 meters above the surrounding territory. From the center of a wide stretch of nine dams, and then it is surrounded by smaller structures, including artificial ponds.

This plot has certain similarities with the architecture of the Olmec of San Lorenzo and La Venta in the nearby state of Veracruz. But the lack of Aguada Phoenix anthropomorphic statues that portrayed people of high status and, therefore, talked about social inequality, indicates that the complex was inhabited by the ancient Mayans it. Only found a stone sculpture of an animal.

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