In lingerie and with a rounded tummy: Alla kostromicheva shared a very rare photo

During the filming of the second season of the “Supermodel in Ukrainian” New channel leading Alla Kostromicheva was pregnant with firstborn. Since the privacy model protects from prying eyes on the network is almost impossible to find photos of her during pregnancy.

Recently, however, Alla has made an exception and shared with fans a rare archival image. It captures the star in her underwear in the last trimester of pregnancy. Black-and-white shooting mode focuses on the rounded belly Kostromicheva, gently laid hands on him.

“My son Salvatore was born in 2015, when I was 29 years old. This pregnancy, although planned, still became for us a pleasant surprise. The fact that I was eight years took birth control drugs, and the doctors said that even without them, the body some time can behave as if he is under their influence. It can last for several years, but we managed to conceive a child almost immediately,” admitted herb.

To give the fat a little brother or sister Alla was planned in the near future, but this idea had to be postponed.

“I want more children. Planned to become pregnant after shooting Superstone “Top model in Ukrainian”, but was moved for 2021, so the plans for the addition to the family, too, had to be postponed. And in the midst of a pandemic coronavirus to think about childbirth just scared,” said the model.

Admiring the beautiful photos!

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