In Krasnoyarsk for the murder of 26-year-old detained the businessman. He was a partner shot dead billionaire Bosova

In Krasnoyarsk on suspicion of a double murder that occurred in 1994, arrested a prominent businessman, philanthropist, former member of the regional Assembly Anatoly Bykov, about it may 7, reported the Investigative Committee of Russia in Krasnoyarsk Krai.

26 years ago two residents of Krasnoyarsk, Alexander Voitenko and Kirill Naumov, shot with rifle and pistol. Bykov was suspected of their assassination. According Sledkoma, the murder he ordered Vladimir Tatarenkov (Tatar), who recruited members of his gang.

Has previously been used to prosecute direct perpetrators of the murder and to prove the guilt of Tatarenkov, who was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment, the report says. The investigation has received testimony Tatarenkov that the organizer of the double murder is Anatoly Bykov.

He was previously convicted for ordering the murder of crime boss Vilora Struganov (Pasha color music). KIller reported the order to law enforcement, and murder Struganov was staged.

In the 90s the Bulls became co-owner of Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant and was headed by its Board of Directors from 1998 to 2000. In those same years, the owner of the company was to later become a dollar billionaire Dmitry Bosov, about suicide which became known on may 6. For data management Sledkoma of the Russian Federation across Moscow region the man shot himself in the head with a pistol Glock.

In March 2020 the magazine Forbes wrote that the Bosses and the big Industrialists Vladimir Lisin and Oleg Deripaska in 1995, could become victims of assassinations, the customer who was Tatarenkov. Car businessmen waiting in ambush bombers, wrote the publication. “The future participants of the Forbes list of saved by a miracle. About the attempt at the last moment found out, the businessman Anatoly Bykov, the former one of shareholder of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant. And allegedly told to cancel it. Tatar was forced to obey,” said the publication.

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