In Karachi, Pakistan gunmen attacked the stock market, there are dead and injured

On the morning of 29 June, there was an armed attack on the building of stock exchange Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi in southern Pakistan, told the Pakistani television channel Geo TV.

The police called the attackers terrorists. According to her, the four attackers shot dead. The attack also killed four security guards and a policeman, found the Geo TV.

According to eyewitnesses, the militants arrived to the stock exchange on the car and tried to enter the building from the Parking lot. When they failed, they opened fire and began to storm the building.

The attackers were carrying machine guns and grenades.

Law enforcement officers continue to check the area and the car on which criminals profit.

Agency Dawn , citing data from police reported that the attack seven people were injured, they were taken to the hospital.

Chairman of the Board of Maldives Stock Exchange Mehdi Suleiman said that “trade is not curled up for a minute”. He called the incident a terrorist act and thanked the guards, who took the brunt.

Broker Yakub Memon has informed Agency Associated Pressthat during the attack he was in the exchange building. When the attackers were killed, all employees of the Pakistan Stock Exchange gathered in one room, and at this time law enforcement officers carefully examined the whole building to make sure that there are no explosives, said Memon.

Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the separatist organization “Liberation army of Baluchistan”. For many years, the group seeking independence for the gas-rich province of Balochistan. It borders with the province of Sindh, the administrative center of which is Karachi.

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