In Jordan, more than 800 people were poisoned by Shawarma, the child died

In Jordan, more than 800 people were hospitalized with food poisoning after ate a Doner kebab from tainted meat at a restaurant in bakaa to the North-West of the capital of the country. This was reported by the newspaper the Guardian on 30 July with reference to the Minister of health of Jordan, sa’ad Jaber.

Jaber reported that 826 people were hospitalized with poisoning.

Of these, 321 people still remain in hospitals, four of them in intensive care. All the victims said that was at the same restaurant.

As a result of the incident killed three-year-old named Yaman, according to local newspaper Gulf News.

The father of the deceased boy said that the medical staff did not provide the necessary assistance in case of hospitalization.

The restaurant owner, the restaurant Manager and food & beverage Manager has been arrested.

The representative of the Ministry of health Adnan Ishaq said state television that the meat was spoiled due to storage in the heat. According to him, the restaurant owner did not put it in the fridge.

This week in Jordan, the weather was hot. The air temperature in the capital Amman exceed + 40 on.

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