In Iran the number of victims COVID-19 for the first time in two months exceeded 100 people per day

In Iran, for day registered 107 deaths in patients with coronavirus infection. On June 14 this was at the briefing said the press-Secretary of the Ministry of health and medical education of Iran SIMA Sadat Lari, informs IRNA.

According to her, since the beginning of epidemic victims COVID-19 in the country 8837 people.

“In the last day 2472 revealed new cases of infection with coronavirus. The total number of infected reached 187 427 people,” said Lari.

From COVID-19 officially recovered 148 674 cases of people, said a spokesman for the Department.

Al Jazeera said that one day in Iran killed more than 100 people for the first time in two months.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University that tracks the spread of the disease, during the whole period of the pandemic in the world are infected with 7.8 million people, victims COVID-19 steel 430,5 thousand, recovered 3.7 million.

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