In Iran banned from weddings and funerals for the period of the pandemic

Funerals, weddings, parties, festivals and other types of mass gatherings in Iran should be prohibited until the end of the pandemic. On 11 July at the meeting of the national headquarters for combating coronavirus has said the country’s President Hassan Rouhani, according to his press service.

According to him, the traditional crowded ceremony is extremely dangerous. A small wedding, which invited only close relatives are allowed, he added.

Rouhani did not rule out that the Ministry of education will have to stop opening campaign. He also urged to strictly follow the ban on appearing in public without masks.

The Iranian President spoke out against the closure of industrial enterprises and service establishments, but advised to focus on Europe, where a restaurant or hairdresser can come only with a reservation.

According to the Agency IRNA on July 12, in Iran infected with 257 303; from COVID-19 died 12 829 patients (+194 for the last day).

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