In Iran, announced six detainees on the accident aircraft MAU

Iran had detained six suspects for the production of the downed airliner, “International airlines of Ukraine”. On 9 June, reported IRNA , the representative of the judiciary of the country Receives Esmaeili.

According to him, up to the present time for the production of the downed plane of the Ukrainian airlines was arrested six suspects, three of them already released on bail, three more are in custody.

“Once the incident occurred, orders were issued and designated a special Department in the judicial organization of the Armed forces,” said Esmaeili.

Passenger plane Boeing 737-800 flight PS752 “Ukraine International airlines”, which was heading from Tehran to Kiev crashed on 8 January near the capital of Iran. On Board were 167 passengers and nine crew members. No one survived. Among the victims were 11 citizens of Ukraine.

The Iranian authorities, who claimed at first that the plane crashed due to technical malfunction, January 11 under pressure from Western leaders acknowledged that the flight PS752 was downed by the Iranian military by mistake.

In Iran first thought that the black boxes of the downed plane will be transmitted for transcription to France. On January 18 the head of the Iranian Commission on aircraft accident investigation civil aviation Hasan Rezaifar said that Iran will send them to Ukraine, but on the 19th of January, he refuted his assertion, saying that the experts will attempt to decipher the recorders in Iran.

Iran appealed for help to the National Bureau of transport security of the USA and the French Bureau of investigation and analysis for civil aviation safety, but these agencies refused to send to Tehran the equipment to decode.

On 4 February, the Ukraine, Canada, Afghanistan, United Kingdom and Sweden have required Iran to transfer the black boxes of the downed Boeing. On March 5, Iran has notified Canada about the delay in further work with the recorders due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

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