In India for the first time in 40 years, recorded a decrease of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

In India for the first time in 40 years skordilis CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and this is due not only to the pandemic coronavirus infection. The research, conducted by experts of the website Carbon Brief.

The decrease in the consumption of electricity and competition from renewable sources has weakened the demand for fossil fuels even before the appearance of the coronavirus. In addition, a tendency strengthened national quarantine imposed in March.

The study showed that in March the total CO2 emissions in India fell by 15% in March, in April, the decline could reach 30%.

Drop due to falling demand for electricity, which produce coal-fired power plant. Oil consumption in India is also reduced.

The experts noted that the trend of this decline has been recorded in India since the beginning of 2019.

According to data from the International energy Agency, the use of coal in the world decreased by 8% in the first quarter of the year. The use of wind power and solar significantly increased.

Analysts believe that with the end of the epidemic of the coronavirus CO2 emissions around the world will again increase as the country begins to recover its economy. However, there is reason to believe that India will not return to the use of coal in the previous volumes.

Renewable energy sources have an economic advantage in India, because they offer much cheaper electricity than coal-fired plants. In addition, the country significantly improves the environmental situation.

India is the third largest Issuer of CO2 in the world. It left behind only the US and China.

According to scientists, that CO2 is responsible for what is happening on Earth right now global warming.

November 4, 2016 came into force in the Paris climate agreement, which requires measures to prevent climate change. The document already ratified by more than 180 countries, including Ukraine. In the list, which is published on the website of the United Nations, the United States, but in 2017 they officially informed about the withdrawal from the agreement.

The Paris agreement provides for the limitation of greenhouse gas emissions to a level where they will be completely absorbed by plants and oceans, to the end of this century; the slower growth of average annual temperature, so that it does not exceed more than two degrees average temperature of the planet to pre-industrial times; the establishment of a Fund, through which rich countries will help the poor to move to cleaner forms of energy.

Regulation of the measures taken must begin from 2020.

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