In human beings not to celebrate we need to pray

As I was taught to celebrate Victory Day.

I can’t remember exactly which year I, then the first Secretary of the Komsomol Secretary of the Komsomol Sergei yepifantsev and searchers – people who have devoted their leisure time to recover the remains of not buried soldiers of the war, offered on may 9 to go to Novgorod if I am not mistaken, the area in a place called Myasnoy Bor. There they dug up the body and, if lucky, the notes in black ebonite medallions were determined, who lies there reported families if they could find them.

We walked with them in the birch, covered with spring foliage, there are cold, spring comes late and is short and talked. I asked how they find the place where to dig. “Very simply, – I said guys – the body is everywhere”. “What do you mean everywhere?” – I asked. “Yeah, I mean, they said. – Here, let’s right here indicate on any bump or just a piece period covered by the foliage of the earth and see for yourself.”

I listened and randomly pointed place. They, armed with shovels, removed the sod, and… I couldn’t believe it! Underneath and a thin layer of earth, indeed, whitened bones. I don’t remember how much time I spent with the guys, I don’t know if by chance was the place in which they brought me, or not, but it’s that time in me, probably forever.

I had the feeling that I experienced before only once, listening for the return from Afghanistan the song of my friend Alexander Rosenbaum “, “black Tulip”…”. And since may 9, I can no longer, as before, to participate in official events.

I remembered someone’s words that the war is not over until the last victim is buried to her soldiers. I thought we have no right to organize events, as long as one soldier lies under the grass in Myasnoy Bor, or somewhere else. Yes, and in General, as human beings not to celebrate we need and to pray. But if praying does not work, as I have – old Komsomol member, then just shut up.

This morning I did near the monument in the Park near the house. You need to remember, but to remember all, all, not what we think it is worthy to remember. So I learned to celebrate Victory Day and to be retrained will not, can not, later.

Source: Viktor Mironenko / livejournal

Posted with personal permission of the author

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