In Germany building the “Pyramid of Time”, which will be built next 1000 years

In Germany in full swing (so to speak) takes place a project that will last for the next 1,000 years. We are talking about the construction of a unique archaeological construction of the “Pyramid of Time”, the construction of which should take exactly one Millennium. The pyramid is a very simple device, but creating every part of it requires money and effort, which right now the authorities deficit. However, now they are not needed.

The idea of the “Pyramid of Time” belongs to the artist Manfred Labero that to the 1200 anniversary of the city Wemding, in southern Bavaria proposed to create an unusual monument. In the city, despite his age, really ancient architectural structures is not enough, and their value is not very large. Therefore, Laber offered to run a project that will build a generation of people building without any age and outside of time, which will embody the desire of people to win time.

If we ignore the philosophical side of things, the Pyramid of Time – just a set of concrete prisms with a cross section at the base of about 1 m and a height of 2 m. Each weighs about 6 tons, they are set at an equal distance from each other in four tiers, one unit every 10 years. The first tier will be “storey”, but after 640 years after the start of construction will have to put a second floor concrete prisms, and over time build up the rest of the pyramid. How to do it technically, Laber intentionally omits, leaving the task to their descendants.

The first three units have already been delivered, and in 2023-it will come the fourth. The project does not limit builders in the composition of the material, the lining, the application of paints, sealants, etc. on the one hand, right now there are no reliable solutions for your project at 1000 years, with the other, the creative idea of the “Pyramid of Time” just in the fact that the builders of the future added their know-how. Looking at the work of their predecessors and leave their achievements in an example of the descendants.

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