In Germany blew up two 152-metre cooling tower closed plant. Video

In 2011 the Bundestag approved the plan of gradual closure of nuclear power plants. The last nuclear power plant in the country should be decommissioned by the end of 2022.

At the time of decision by the Parliament, the country has 17 nuclear power plants, remained, as noted by the publication Handelsblatt, seven.

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Killed leader of “al-Qaeda” in North Africa – French defense Ministry

On June 3 the French armed forces with the support of partners eliminated the so-called Emir of “al-Qaeda” to “Islamic Maghreb” of Abdelmalek Brookdale and several of his close associates. The Minister of defence of France, Florence Parlee said in a communique to the press, published in Facebook of the Ministry on 5 June. The […]

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