In Finland summed up the results of the biggest experiment with basic income

In Finland summed up the results of the biggest experiment with the payment of an unconditional basic income to citizens, which was conducted in 2017-2018.

The experiment was launched in November 2017, and was attended by 2,000 randomly selected unemployed persons. Important point – it was impossible to refuse, the event had the force of law. Each of them received monthly 560 euros without any conditions, the organizers of the experiment did not require reporting and do not track what the money was spent. But they tried to involve in the event of people from all climatic and economic zones of countries with different incomes and living conditions.

Indicators of beneficiaries were compared with 173 thousand of official unemployed persons who receive a standard allowance. It turned out that recipients of an unconditional income for the year has been 78 days – 6 days more than the official unemployed. They all saw an improvement in their mood and well-being, every second became more confident in the future. Financial assistance calmed people down, and according to the conclusions of analysts was not the incentive to opt out of the work.

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