In EU countries, thousands of tons of food thrown in the trash because COVID-19

In Europe the crisis coronavirus infection COVID-19 has hit the food industry and agriculture, which could lead to food crisis and the bankruptcy of entrepreneurs. About it reports BBC.

According to the publication, half of the fishermen in the Netherlands ceased to exits in the sea, because fish prices, both conventional and exotic – has significantly fallen due to lack of demand. Before the pandemic soleya cost €14 per kg, and now – €8. The fishermen are mainly concerned with the repair of their vessels, as to go to sea unprofitable.

In Germany problems with the collection of asparagus because of a lack of agricultural workers after the closure of the border, labour migrants cannot return to their jobs. About half of the harvest remains in the ground.

In France, 150 thousand tons of high quality cheese sent to landfills, as farmers were unable prodatsya, as people switched to cheaper product.

In Belgium there was “potato mountain” with about 750 thousand tons of unsold potatoes, which is piled in warehouses. It had to eat in restaurants or to send for sale overseas. Some manufacturers of potato food surplus product of the homeless.

Experts believe that in the near future the Europeans will have a rich selection on the shelves in stores, and small food producers will go bankrupt.


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