In Estonia, agreed to begin construction of the border with Russia

Tuesday, may 12, in Estonia the police and border guard, by Merko Ehitus and GRK Infra signed a contract on the first phase of construction of the border with Russia. This was reported by the website of the Department of police and border guard.

The construction of a border cut with a length of 23.5 km will take up to three years and almost €20 million.

The first stage involves the creation of infrastructure on the stretch of the Estonian-Russian border in Voru County from the junction point of the borders of Latvia, Russia and Estonia to the village Terebi (3.5 km North of the border Luhamaa).

Last summer, the Estonian government decided to partially reduce the cost of the project: abandoned strip of sand and fencing for animals, it was also decided to narrow the road for patrols.

Equipment for monitoring the border and IT solutions purchased after will be a ready infrastructure. Work builders have in difficult conditions. Apart from the fact that in some places the border runs along a marshy land, it will be necessary to reckon with a special regime.

“Our employees and all employees of our subcontractors will have to work so that under no circumstances not to intrude on the territory of Russia. To trespass in the course of construction can not” – said on the air, ERR Chairman of the Board of Merko Ehitus Eesti AS Ivo Volkov.

After the start of work on the first section of the border will continue preparations for the construction of the following border sections.

In 2018 , the government of Estonia approved the project of construction of the border with Russia worth €190 million, Its original cost was €79 million, then it rose to €190 million And with the annual price growth to 7% and maintenance costs of built infrastructure it is expected that by 2026 the border will cost Estonia to €320 million.

The length of the border of Estonia with Russia is more than 330 km.

With the beginning of Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, Estonia has tightened security measures. The idea to build a border with Russia was established in Estonia in 2015.

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