In CIV waboose vanavil the meeting was expert club Parimatch

Today in CIV PM Ukrainian Hall in Association football that oftiny partner national zbro Ukraine Parimatch held experti club first meeting was in this year. Popular futbolin experti funktsional pdreli nieaktualne theme — vbnewline football after karantinna zachodu, villicana Covid-19.

She took the zustrich s matrimony Chinna karantinny you like — zi ZMI on zahod could prison bootie not bilshe chotiroh snemalnik group (iz rozrahunkiv journalst the operator). Rest predstavnik media poluchilsa have rejim online Konferenz. Maderova Zahid press-atashe zbro national of Ukraine Oleksander Glivinski.

Bulo Patna scho the participants of the expert club rat to come to the meeting was. After some navti on bacilica s time the company’s quarantine. Zbro coach of Ukraine U-16 Sergiy Nagornyak that gravity “Shahtarya” Sergiy Kryvtsov has until the beginning of the meeting was gwava obgovarivali ostan news. CCB have Panasenko Nastro coach of the national team Oleksander Shovkovsky, that douche vsih ishow to his Krka, after hotw s USA privtate.

Predstavnik Parimatch Vadim Msura privte guests: “Our brand prids bike pay attention to the development of the sport, although whether that obstavini. Today our klucove the challenge — patriate our club, our sports product. VSI mi vdcol on sobi nalci quarantine, including the fact I have jurnalisti, that balisilica without sporting pondus. However navti on distant Nashi serca podno love to football”.

General Secretary of the UAF Yuri Zapesotsky, VIN respown scho football giblets vihodit iz quarantine, dokazali chogo ª restart the UPL I restart Perso play nayblyzhchym hour. Sanachev and takozh, scho on the pershoho f all one state the health of the people: “Mi precum over zabezpeceny medychne Protocol dwellers Obid persist passed s Yogo matrimony. Ncident iz Karpaty MAV meeting place, uzhivayutsya come in. Spodviglo scho in maibutnyogo tak wypadki not to repeat.”

Also Yuri Zapesotsky nagada scho for pdsummary the meeting was Vikonkomu UFA, Yak budesa from the Wednesday, June 17, to clarify the situation iz zakonchennym evrokubkovogo season th povernennya zmagan national teams. Including, z be the information on nayblyzhchym matches zbro Ukraine have Ls Nations.

Pachnik Andre Shevchenko at the head command of the country, Oleksander Shovkovski respown scho VDDA match “Shakhtar” — “Dynamo”. Kolesny holker podlasia sway thoughts about grove form zbirnik vbnewline the championship: “Mi red pewnym polabiny quarantine, prodolzheny the championship. Waiau scho roztashuvannya teams have turnmy tablets got wyznaczanie for sportivnym principle. Gravz national zbro Ukraine duzhe professionalno to tabletsa to two of work. As a result, Nashi vistupi have Ls Nations that vdbr for Euro 2020”.

Zahisnik shinyo-govtech the Donetsk “Shahtarya” Sergiy Kryvtsov respown about the process adapter to Igor: “Pid hour quarantine VSI SIMULIA udoma for okremo program. After oslableniya pocha pracowali we are small group, and further have segalini group. Picnic no problems Bulo”. Football saying takozh, scho iz mozliwym champanski title “Shahtarya” sabati not advance it should be.

Zbro head coach of Ukraine U-16 Sergiy Nagornyak zacapu power fields of study that plans junacka for: “we Have to veresnya truncated Bulo wamena, and for futbolista no features spostarti through vastly zmagan. Cecam rsen schodo yazikovo football the calendar match. Not viklyuchno scho our team to beretisa of bezposrednio before podminkami ugboro on Euro-2021”.

Okremo topic negotiated was zrostannya pid hour quarantine popularnost napramku carpetbomb stvorennya for ntsatsi the UAF Ukraïnskoï Asias electronic football.

“Our design group paralasa iz zavdannya: stvoriti nazionalny zbro, spend qualit to carspotting Euro 2020, Yak Bulo anesovna UEFA. Quarantine privv to prisoedineniya sporting pondus, then Yak nteres to electronic football lachey SRS. NIN power professionalsa have Carsport Wisla at Novi riven” — saying of obrani at the XXIII Congress the UAF President Asian Vladislav Shovkovskiy.

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