In Chinese anxin County, where he lives about 400 thousand people, was introduced strict quarantine. The district recorded 13 cases of coronavirus

Chinese authorities have imposed strict quarantine in the County Anxin (Hebei province), which is about 140 km from Beijing, the newspaper reported the China Daily on June 28.

The new measures came into effect on 27 June.

Check-in Anxin and an exit was closed. Residents urged to minimize the exit to the street. Shopping can only move one man from the family once a day. However, he must undergo temperature screening, and have a special pass. Free to leave the house only employees of public utilities and healthcare.

The Shanghai newspaper Jiefang Daily reported that on the territory of the district there are 12 towns and 207 villages, representing more than 393 thousand.

From the beginning of June in Anisina was confirmed 13 cases of coronavirus, all of them are connected with the outbreak in the market, “Sinhali” in Beijing.

The working group, which deals with the outbreak of the coronavirus in the region, said the situation is “extremely difficult” and to prevent the spread of infection, it is necessary to impose restrictions, the newspaper reported the South China Morning Post.

The outbreak of the coronavirus in the”Sinhali” began on June 11. On 13 June, the market was temporarily closed.

Chinese media reported that the source of the coronavirus were discovered on Board for filleting salmon. Because of this, China stopped the import of fish from Norway, although scholars have argued that salmon could not become a carrier of the infection.

National Committee of health of the PRC came to the conclusionthat the strain of coronavirus that was discovered in Beijing, is of European origin. According to one version, the infection was on the packaging of frozen products and intensified with increasing temperature; on the other – long viral culture was on surfaces in the market, where it was picked up by his employees.

“Xinhua” with reference to information of the authorities announced that from 11 to 28 June in the Chinese capital were identified 318 patients with coronavirus. Before in the city for 57 days no recorded local cases of infection.

Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 began in late 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan (Hubei province). March 11, 2020, the world health organization declared the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. According to official information the Chinese authorities, since the beginning of the epidemic of the coronavirus in the mainland contracted 83 512 people, 4634 of them died, and 78 460 has been cured.

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