In Chile found 31 thousand unreported cases COVID-19

In Chile, official statistics found 31 412 unrecorded cases of coronavirus infection. The member of the expert Council, which advises the Chilean government, Dr. Rafael Araos announced June 16 at a press briefing, informed the Agency Reuters.

According to the expert, cases COVID-19 recorded back in March, but found discrepancies in the figures just now in result.

Representatives of the Chilean health noted that the identified figure represents almost a sixth of the total incidence of coronavirus infection in the country today.

Additional figures promised to submit to the General statistics June 17.

As of June 16, in Chile, there were 184 449 cases of coronavirus infection and 3383 of death from COVID-19.

According to data from the American Johns Hopkins University that tracks the situation of the pandemic in the world was almost 8.2 million cases of coronavirus infection. Almost 444 thousand people died, nearly 4 million recovered. Chile the number of cases of the coronavirus so far is 12-th place in the world.

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