In Brussels, the teenager had violated the terms of the quarantine and fell to his death fleeing from police. The city broke out in riots

In the municipality of Anderlecht (Brussels-capital region, is actually a district of Brussels, Belgium) April 11, riots broke out due to the death of 19-year-old boy who was harassed by the police in connection with the violation of the quarantine rules imposed on the country because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. It is reported by Belgian TV channel RTBF.

The incident occurred at about 21.00 local time on Friday, April 10. 19-year-old Adil and, apparently, his friend was riding a scooter when he came across a police patrol (in Belgium during the quarantine on scooters and motorcycles to go to work). At the sight of the police, the scooter picked up speed and tried to escape.

During the chase, the scooter Adil crashed into one of the police cars, and he died from his injuries. According to police, the teenager left behind the van, the driver of the police car, which had been called in as reinforcements, did not have time to slow down.

After a few hours, near the police station began mass protests in connection with the death of a teenager. According to the TV station, the protesters set fire to several parked cars and pelted the station with stones. In addition, unknown persons stole weapons from a police car.

During 11-12 April in Anderlecht was detained nearly 100 people. They are suspected of participation in mass unrest and violation of the rules of quarantine, as mass events in the period of epidemic is also prohibited.


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