In Brazil, there were mass protests against Bolsonaro

7 June in several Brazilian cities erupted anti-government protests. According to demonstrato, President Air Bolsonaro is unable to cope with the epidemic coronavirus infection in the country. It is reported Bloomberg.

The demonstrators with placards in defense of democracy and against racism gathered in the largest cities of Brazil, despite medical recommendations for social distancing. Held parallel rallies in support of Bolsonaro, but they were few in number, says the Agency.

Authorities are faced with the discontent of the population after he ceased to publish statistics about the incidence of COVID-19. In response to such actions of the Central government, the health Ministers of all Brazilian States began to collect and publish their own numbers.

The demonstrations in Brazil were largely peaceful, but a small group in one of the cities clashed with police, Bloomberg reported.

This action became the first Brazilian demonstration against Bolsonaro for the time of a pandemic coronavirus, said “Deutsche Welle”.

In the nation’s capital, Brasilia, hundreds of people took to the streets with placards that read “racism and fascism” and “Terrorism is the policy of the government for the destruction,” the newspaper writes.

6 Jun Bolsonaro said he supported the government’s decision to partially hide the data in the number of coronavirus infections in the country. “Aggregate data do not reflect the situation, which is now in the country”, – said Bolsonaro. According to him, the Ministry of health of Brazil is developing other measures to improve the notification of new cases, and confirmation of diagnoses.

The country is in second place in the world for the spread of the disease.

As of this morning throughout the world, the coronavirus has infected 7 009 065 people. Victims COVID-19 402 730 people, recovered 3 140 721. In Brazil ill 691 758 people, 36 of 455 deaths and 283 952 recovered, according to Johns Hopkins University that tracks the spread of the disease.

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